Update, May 22nd:

Celebrate a truly extraordinary event happening in Malmesbury, this May!
Official Comment:

Please Note: The event will not happen again on the reserve date (June 4th). This back up date was only if the event could not happen due to rain and was cancelled in advance. Whilst the balloon didn’t quite make it up, the event did go ahead and planning, organisation and insurance requirements mean it won’t be happening again in the near future. The pilot made the decision to abort and sir David Hempleman-Adams and everyone attending and involved were disappointed of course. A great day out with many many enjoying the fun and visiting our very special Athelstan Museum. All proceeds will go towards the Moravian Church restoration. 

Renowned explorer, Sir David Hempleman-Adams will be launching his very own hot air balloon from the Cross Hayes with James Gray riding in the basket. The event will commemorate Walter Powell’s 1881 hot air balloon launch from the very same spot, 136 years prior.

We’ll be marking the balloon launch with 3 days of fun-filled celebrations. Enjoy a special lecture, guided walks and family entertainment with all funds raised going to the Friends of Athelstan Museum for the special renovation of The Moravian Church.


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Friday 19th May
Lecture with Sir David Hempleman-Adams

Saturday 20th May
Guided Walking Tours

Sunday 21st May
The Eclipse Flight balloon launch

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