David Hempleman-Adams

David Hempleman-Adams is a veteran of Adventures, predominantly in Mountaineering, Polar and Aviation.

David’s interest in expedition began with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, for which he holds a Gold medal. He is an accomplished mountaineer, having climbed the seven highest peaks of the seven continents, i.e. Everest (Asia), Mt Vinson (Antarctica), Aconcagua (South America), Mt McKinley (North America), Carstenz Pyramid (Australasia), Elbrus (Europe) Kilimanjaro (Africa), in addition to the North and South Geographic and Magnetic Poles.

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David is the author of six books and has made eight documentaries about his expeditions:

A Race Against Time – First expedition to the Geomagnetic North Pole

Toughing It Out – Semi Autobiography

Walking on Thin Ice – The 1997/1998 ski to the North Pole

At the Mercy of the Winds – 2000 Balloon flight to the North Pole

Heart of the Great Alone – with The Royal Collection

No Such Thing As Failure –  Semi Autobiography